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Get set! STEMpowered Workshop (part 2 of 3)

Note: STEMpower Our Girls is an experiential scientific literacy program designed for young girls to increase their aptitude and attitude towards science and math. It is a collaboration between Habi Education Lab and the Philippine Business for Education (PBEd). This LabNote is the second note of a three-part series written by Chess Carlos. The STEMpower […]

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Ready! STEMpowered Design (part 1 of 3)

STEMpower Our Girls is an experiential scientific literacy program designed for young girls to increase their aptitude and attitude towards science and math. It is a collaboration between Habi Education Lab and the Philippine Business for Education (PBEd). This LabNote is the first in a three-part series written by Chess Carlos. When I was a […]

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Tahan-tahanan Toys

Tahan-tahanan is a halfway house for indigent young patients with chronic illnesses. They needed our help to think of new programs for the parents and patients, more meaningful than the typical outreach programs they hold. We wanted to dig deeper, and empathize with the parents and patients, to facilitate interactions that served their needs.

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PRISM Teacher Feature: Jennifer Yadao

For Teacher Jenny, PRISM was not only an opportunity to improve her digital literacy, it was also an opportunity to address an issue she felt was very relevant to her profession – the lack of professional etiquette on social media platforms

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Teaching and Relearning

I arrived at Philippine Science High School a little before seven am. I thought I was going to be tardy after sleeping through my alarm, but surprisingly traffic moved with semi-fluidity, letting Waze navigate the Grab easily from one street to the next without any troublesome detours. We had 100 or so teachers coming, with […]

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PRISM Teacher Feature: Arniel Ping

Empathy came naturally to Media and Information Literacy (MIL) teacher Arniel Ping, who immediately realized that being a part of the Yellow Mission was the push he needed to address a long-standing challenge that was close to his heart and craft: the lack of quality and accessible MIL materials for Filipino teachers nationwide.

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Looking at Action Research Through Design Thinking

“Action research is rather simple,” was what one teacher said after learning about how action research could be applied to her own classroom in our workshop earlier this week. For most educators—scratch that—for most people, action research is daunting. It’s this esoteric ‘thing’ of which only those with advanced degrees are capable. However, action research […]

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Reimagining Education

How can schools be redesigned in order to nurture a new generation of changemakers? We have been invited by Ashoka to lead their ChangemakerXChange public event that focused on Reimagining Education.

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Habi is the Filipino act of weaving indigenous fabrics, valued for their intricate patterns and sturdy craftsmanship. Likewise, I see the lab as weaving together a masterpiece, one stitch at a time.

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Let’s Talk About Education Inequity

Since coming back to the Philippines in 2015, I’ve worked hand in hand with different organizations addressing real issues in the Philippine educational landscape. Some organizations are more well-known than others, but they’re all united to fight a wicked problem: education inequity.

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A Lesson on Empathy

With what’s going on now–political tensions, war on drugs, terrorism– I am pushed to explore ways on how to arm our students with a proper understanding of our world. The dark times we face should empower us to teach beyond content and encourage our students to make things better; be aware yet stay optimistic.

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Going Regional

Working with the ebullient children, whose ideas were as colorful as the diverse national clothing they respectively wore that day, was definitely a breath of fresh air. Now we can proudly say that Habi had a hand in strengthening our country’s ties with our ASEAN neighbors.

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The Ripple Effect

“Imagine that your problem has been solved,” we prompted, “what do you think will be the positive and/or negative effects on the people closest to the stakeholders you’ve chosen?” After identifying these effects, we asked the participants to think bigger: what will the effects be on the school community? On the neighborhood? On the town?

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The immersion taught the fellows to be open, to take a beginner’s perspective in project development, and to really take into consideration what communities need instead of what we think they need.

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Design Thinking with HANDs Project

We designed and facilitated a 5-day Design Thinking intensive for the HANDs Project Fellows, a project by Japan Foundation that aims to bring together creatives all over Asia to collaborate on disaster education initiatives.

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Harvard Alumni for Education Podcast

How can we leverage design thinking to enhance education quality in resource-starved, developing communities such as those in the Philippines? In this episode, Habi Education Lab Founder Gerson Abesamis talks about how the start-up uses small design thinking workshops and collaborative lesson prototyping in a professional development program for teachers, resulting in innovative learning experiences in classrooms across the Philippines.

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Design Thinking with Museo Pambata

In celebration of National Teachers Month 2016, we partnered with Museo Pambata to hold a free Design Thinking workshop for teachers. Our participants learned the principles of design thinking and how to apply these to their lessons.

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