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A Lesson on Empathy

With what’s going on now–political tensions, war on drugs, terrorism– I am pushed to explore ways on how to arm our students with a proper understanding of our world. The dark times we face should empower us to teach beyond content and encourage our students to make things better; be aware yet stay optimistic.

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Going Regional

Working with the ebullient children, whose ideas were as colorful as the diverse national clothing they respectively wore that day, was definitely a breath of fresh air. Now we can proudly say that Habi had a hand in strengthening our country’s ties with our ASEAN neighbors.

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The Ripple Effect

After identifying these effects, we asked the participants to think bigger: what will the effects be on the school community? On the neighborhood? On the town? One thing we appreciated about facilitating this workshop is that it exposed us to the different problems school leaders outside of Manila have to face; from waste management, to the lack of electricity and internet connectivity, to conflicts between the school and the nearby landowners

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Creative Confidence for Teachers

A workshop on creativity! You could say it was bound to happen. Katty is a social scientist who has ongoing pursuits in music, urban farming and alternative medicine. Gerson champions for the inclusion of design and technology in education. Delphine works countless hours as a professional theatre actor and dancer. The three tapped into their experiences and delivered a workshop on the creative applications of teaching to the faculty of Philippine Science High School — Ilocos Region Campus (Pisay-IRC).

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Tips for Testing Prototypes

Essentially, we’re transforming the participants’ role into co-designers. User testing sessions, prototype showcase, gallery walks, feedback sessions, whatever you call them–are very powerful tools to engage communities and share with them the ownership of a solution.

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Plataporma: From Self-Awareness to Action

“Let’s begin by checking in”, facilitator Meila Romero-Payawal says as she smiles and gently taps on her belly. Around unfamiliar faces and a seemingly strange venue for an educational workshop (a ballet studio), the participants slowly eased into the group, forming a circle. She introduces herself and candidly speaks about her 4-month old baby bump as she checks in. This is a familiar way to begin meetings, workshops and classes, so I’m not surprised that the participants, mostly teachers, comfortably followed suit

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Teacher-made Prototypes

Two-day workshops allow teachers to use the HABI process in solving real problems in their schools, producing ideas and prototypes at the end of the workshop. It makes the learning experience meaningful and productive, giving participants a feeling of achievement.

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A Roadtrip with Kinderhabi

Kinderhabi is the official arm built to take on Habi’s projects in early childhood education and development. In collaboration with MovEd Foundation and the local government unit, the team facilitated a training program for the day care workers selected from the different barangays.

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