School Guide to the Coviverse

A toolkit to help you address changes brought on by the CoVid-19 pandemic
DIY Materials

Download worksheets and activities and lead your team's strategy sessions

Online Workshops

Let us guide you through activities and exercises through online live workshops


Explore curated resources from our partners and friends


Answer online quizzes to assess your own technology readiness

Explore our Pathways

Based on consultations with school leaders and teachers like yourself, we came up with six pathways that might resonate with your current situation. You can start with the DIY guide, to make your strategy meetings more collaborative and focused. Or you can also engage us in a workshop, where we can facilitate and guide you through activities to co-create strategies to your challenges.


Planning for Sustainability Amidst Disasters
Planning for Sustainability Amidst Disasters

How might we sustain the school operations amidst all the uncertainty?

  • Perform inventories of resources
  • Collaborate with colleagues for finding solutions
  • Enhance cash flow, procurement, and budgeting practices
Managing Changes with Remote Learning
Managing Changes with Remote Learning

How might we make the transition to online learning easier for schools?

  • Scan your environment for assets
  • Chart journeys and roadmaps for change
  • Gather early feedback to refine the change process
Bringing School Culture to the Remote Set-up
Bringing School Culture to the Remote Set-up

How might we make our school culture palpable during the remote learning set-up?

  • Conduct remote field observations
  • Create a School Culture worksheet
  • Prototype visions for a school culture amidst remote learning
Communicating with Stakeholders
Communicating with Stakeholders

How might schools communicate effectively with their stakeholders given the current pandemic?

  • Identify existing communication strategies
  • Empathize with your stakeholders
  • Build stakeholder maps and communication workflows


Designing Online Learning Experiences
Designing Online Learning Experiences

How might we redesign our lessons to fit online and remote learning?

  • Prioritize learning outcomes
  • Analyze the student context
  • Prototype and build learning modules
Facilitating Online Learning Experiences
Facilitating Online Learning Experiences

How might teachers become more comfortable with the remote setup?

  • Reflect on strengths as teachers
  • Practice using conferencing and collaboration tools
  • Increase confidence in technology tools

Browse more Resources

Resource Library

We have curated a set of toolkits and resources that can enrich your journey through adapting to the coviverse

Interactive Test

We designed a self-assessment tool called Technology and Culture Checklist for Schools, as a way to reflect on your needs and context

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