Go! STEMpowered Girls (part 3 of 3)

Note: STEMpower Our Girls is an experiential scientific literacy program designed for young girls to increase their aptitude and attitude towards science and math. It is a collaboration between Habi Education Lab and the Philippine Business for Education (PBEd). This LabNote is the third note of a three-part series by Chess Carlos.

January 2019

By Day 6, the participants were ready to plan out a strategy on how to help Sitio Sabi-Sabi in understanding the different occurrences in their community. The girls truly showed their creativity and empathy in designing different advocacies. Here are a few examples of the advocacies designed by the girls.


“From the Republic of STEM! I believe…and I thank you.”

Understanding how Sitio Sabi-Sabi loves beauty, a group in CDO prepared a pageant involving contestants from the  Republic of Science, Republic of Technology, Republic of Engineering and Republic of Mathematics. The contestants shared the importance of STEM during the pageant’s question and answer portion.


Host: “What advice can you give to the people of Sitio Sabi-Sabi?”

Contestant: “Thank you for that wonderful question (laughs). I believe that you should not believe so easily unless there are facts and I, thank you.”


“Let me hear you say STEM! STEEEEM!”

Capitalizing on Sitio Sabi-Sabi’s love for music, two groups in the Manila Run prepared songs on STEM and how it can be used in everyday life. A group created an original rap on STEM while another group created their own lyrics and sang it to the tune of “Kahit Ayaw Mo Na” by This Band.


“Andito na ang STEM para tulungan kayo, kahit saan mang dako pa ng ating mundo.

Sama-sama tayo – ikaw, sila’t ako, maraming programa ang matutunan niyo

Ang STEM ay maasahan. Basta huwag niyo lang pangungunahan.

Technology helps you to see, what happens in the world and the economy.


Pinagtipon tayo ngayon sa ating basketball court!”

Showing the importance of engaging the community leaders in Sitio Sabi-Sabi, a group in Cebu conducted a barangay assembly which was attended by the community elders, youth, workers, and government officials.  

Here’s a video of the girls’ campaigns for the Sitio.

The lab’s partner, Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) was pleased with the girls’ outputs. Witnessing how the girls were eager to continue learning about STEM, PBEd is planning to set up a “STEM Patrol” section on their website to encourage the girls to continue sending and sharing their discoveries, investigations, and innovations even after the workshop.


“Girls, it’s time to continue the mission.”

The workshop concluded with a message from the Boss, congratulating the girls for completing the agent training. The Boss told the girls that as they go back to their communities,  it is now their turn and their responsibility to continue the mission – of empowering others through STEM. The girls received a STEMpower Our Girls Badge which shall serve as a reminder that they are STEM Agents, sworn to pursue knowledge and use it for good.



“A STEM Agent knows a lot about STEM and uses this knowledge for good.”

This was the perennial message of “the Boss” to the 120 young girls enlisted from Cagayan de Oro, Cebu and Manila to participate in the STEMpower our Girls Workshop. What do you think about STEMpower Our Girls? Do you know of STEM Agents and STEM Allies in your community? Let us know in the comments section.

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