PRISM Teacher Feature: Arniel Ping

PRISM is an experiential and project-based professional development program for teachers on digital literacy. It is a collaboration between Habi Education Lab and Globe Telecom.

written by Art Demain, former Yellow Mission Coach.

On the second day of the PRISM Bootcamp, Media and Information Literacy (MIL) teacher Arniel Ping boldly declared, “I really want to be here.” Empathy came naturally to the St. Stephen’s High School teacher who immediately realized that being a part of the Yellow Mission was the push he needed to address a long-standing challenge that was close to his heart and craft: the lack of quality and accessible MIL materials for Filipino teachers nationwide.

Over the course of the PRISM program, he learned how to use Google Slides, Canva, and Powtoon, all of which he’d never used before. Weeks of brainstorming with his online MIL community helped him envision a unified MIL website that would hopefully someday serve as an online repository of quality and accessible materials made by Filipinos for fellow Filipinos.

Teacher Arniel Ping with his project exhibit at the PRISM Expo

Teacher Arniel received words of appreciation and thanks from teachers from as far as Mindanao, who were made aware of his initiative through the online survey and animated video he made to share with his MIL community online. He calls this one of the most unforgettable moments from the PRISM program and in the spirit of humility and collaboration, invited the community to “Learn together, let’s work together.”

Thanks to the seeds of lifelong learning and responsible digital citizenship planted in him through the PRISM program, Teacher Arniel now believes that there’s nothing stopping him from fully realizing the MIL project that he conceived. Moving forward, he plans to consult more IT professionals and MIL educators who can help him lay the necessary groundwork for his website.

“I want to be able to do more,” he said, “and I believe that HABI and Globe, through PRISM, have given me the direction and opportunity to do so.”

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Kaye Robles
Kaye has been a student of international relations, a social studies teacher, a law student, an editor for a women's magazine, and a researcher for community-based tourism. These days, she's a Learning Experience Designer, interested in gender issues, curriculum studies, and history.
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