PRISM Teacher Feature: Jennifer Yadao

PRISM is an experiential and project-based professional development program for teachers on digital literacy. It is a collaboration between Habi Education Lab and Globe Telecom.

Teacher Jenny is a teacher of Computer subjects for Preschool, and Grades 6, 10, and 11 at Cainta Catholic College. She also teaches research classes at another institution. Between traveling from the two institutions and her home, and accomplishing her daily tasks, it was initially very difficult for her to find the time to do her work for Prism, but because she was committed to finishing the program, she was eventually able to come up with an informational video that pushed for proper social media etiquette for teachers and professional.

Teacher Jenny (leftmost), with her fellow teachers in the Green Mission

For her target audience, she chose her colleagues and fellow educators because she noticed that many of them were Facebook friends with their students but did not always conduct themselves in ways that reflected their status as professionals. She first created an outline on Google Docs, and then after several revisions, a storyboard on Google Slides.

Although she already knew about the existence of Google Suite, she mentioned that she was happy for the opportunity to practice because she wasn’t as adept as she wanted to be with the tools.

Teacher Jenny was very open to feedback throughout the entire program and really enjoyed learning Google Forms because of how easily she was able to create a survey and send it out to her colleagues to get feedback. She was able to introduce the tool to her research class and they were able to make significant improvements to their methods and productivity.

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Kaye Robles
Kaye has been a student of international relations, a social studies teacher, a law student, an editor for a women's magazine, and a researcher for community-based tourism. These days, she's a Learning Experience Designer, interested in gender issues, curriculum studies, and history.
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