Happy U Digital Life

Happy U Digital Life is a program that aims to improve the business acumen of, and inspire creative confidence in midwives and lying-in clinic owners all over the Philippines. We worked with Black Box Collab to develop a video series that would help learners have a better understanding of social media and online platforms as a way to provide healthcare services, as well as how they might take care of themselves and their clinics in order to create the most nurturing environment for mothers and the youngest members of our society.

Transitioning to Digital

Originally, Happy U was a blended learning experience: a two-day workshop for midwives and clinic owners on improving their business practices, and self-paced learning materials hosted in a Facebook group where the learners could share stories and experiences in the community. As community quarantines were declared in March 2020, we needed to shift to a purely digital learning experience. We developed three videos that focused on the following topics: Introduction to Social Media, Telemedicine, and Wellness.

Creative, Inclusive, and Healthy Society

Through our research, we learned that midwives and clinic owners were a diverse group of people, with diverse ages and experience with technology. We strived to make the videos as inclusive and accessible as possible.

The video on Telemedicine was inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to make midwives’ healthcare services more accessible during the community quarantines. We introduced the learners to the value of telemedicine and how they might implement this in their clinics, and asked them to perform an e-consultation with their patients.

We also supported the wellness needs of the learners by sharing quick and simple exercises and practices they could do to take care of their personal wellbeing. We stressed the importance of taking care of their own health as a necessary first step before they could do the same for their patients.

The Facebook groups thrived as an online learning community for the midwives and clinic owners. As they accomplished the asynchronous activities, they were also guided by Medical Delegates who would provide support. An “Ate Ness” account was created to share the videos and interact with the learners, but the learners also interacted amongst themselves through the comments section, sharing stories and noting which points in the videos resonated with them and their experiences.

To learn more about our design process for this project, check out this lab note by Jovi!


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