Pisay Curriculum Redesign

How might we engage student perspectives in enhancing our school curriculum? The Philippine Science High School System approached us with this design challenge, who at that time, was about to embark on a long-term curriculum evaluation and re-design endeavor. Their newly-implemented 6-year secondary school curriculum has already produced two cohorts of graduates.

  • Design

    Insights, Participatory co-design, FGDs

  • Client

    Philippine Science High School System

  • Behind the name

    Habi is the Filipino act of weaving indigenous fabrics, valued for their intricate patterns and sturdy craftsmanship. Likewise, the lab strives for projects that are synergistic in nature, locally inspired, intentionally designed, sustainable, and ambitiously innovative.
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    • Phone:
      +63 2 77911540
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    • Address:
      27 Mayaman St, UP Village, Quezon City, Philippines
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