CPD Programs for the Filipino Teacher

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programs for the Filipino Teacher is a whitepaper that describes the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) landscape for teachers in the Philippines prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. It explores three challenges to the implementation of the CPD Law namely: (1) limited number to CPD providers, (2) inaccessibility of CPD programs, and (3) the high cost to CPD Programs.

The whitepaper invites readers to reflect on the situation of professional development for teachers, and to work together for the advancement of TPD in the country.

Read the whitepaper for free here.

The LX Design of Research

Being novice researchers, we used the opportunity to upskill ourselves and reimagine how research might be shared. Internally, we shared our research insights through a module for the team. Externally, we shared the paper through (1) presentations in an academic conference, (2) a business-oriented conference, (3) a quick storytelling within a webinar, (4) as an academic publication in a peer-reviewed journal, and (5) as a whitepaper for public consumption. 

Our Research Responsibility

As a design and research firm, we have the responsibility to make sure that our work remains accessible, and that we follow through on initiatives we start. We engage in difficult conversations that continue to challenge us and education stakeholders to improve learning experiences for our teacher community.

The research presents curiosities that invite the reader to further examine the realities of our teacher education landscape. From an internal challenge of “What else can we do for education stakeholders?” we left our audiences with a challenge of “How might we use our research insights to collaboratively improve teacher education in the Philippines?”


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