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Habi Education Lab makes well-designed learning experiences for everyone, from preschoolers to professionals. Our mission is to improve how people learn, building towards a creative, informed, socially just, and healthy society.

We use design thinking to create impact in these areas:

Learning Communities

We build educational resources to establish cultures of learning in different sectors and professions. We believe that learning should be fun and meaningful, even after school.

School Innovation

We redefine how students learn in schools, by building new curricula, lessons, tools, and systems. Throughout the process, we co-create with leaders, teachers, staff, parents, and of course, students.

Teacher Development

We strengthen teachers’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes. We utilize our unique knowledge of teacher professional development, and our own perspectives as educators.

Teams and Workplaces

We work with companies and organizations to co-create programs that bring about love for learning, well-being, and collaborative cultures.


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What's New

Kaye Robles
Posted by Kaye Robles
July 29, 2021

Habi Hour S1 Ep6: Make Learning Happen with Empathy

Kumusta ka today? In this episode of Habi Hour, we talk to Miguel and Nikki, two teachers in different contexts, and how a little empathy can make big ripples in the lives of our learners. Tara, kuwentuhan tayo!

Read More
Paola Ceriola
Posted by Paola Ceriola
July 29, 2021

Habi Hour S2 Special Episode: "Ninoy, Cory, and Noynoy" Read Aloud

Conversations about creative kumustahan and cultivating caring learning environments Overview 2 July 2021 | 34 min and 22s In this special episode of Habi... Read More
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