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Habi Education Lab makes well-designed learning experiences for everyone, from preschoolers to professionals. Our mission is to improve how people learn, building towards a creative, informed, socially just, and healthy society.

We use design thinking to create impact in these areas:

Learning Communities

We build educational resources to establish cultures of learning in different sectors and professions. We believe that learning should be fun and meaningful, even after school.

School Innovation

We redefine how students learn in schools, by building new curricula, lessons, tools, and systems. Throughout the process, we co-create with leaders, teachers, staff, parents, and of course, students.

Teacher Development

We strengthen teachers’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes. We utilize our unique knowledge of teacher professional development, and our own perspectives as educators.

Teams and Workplaces

We work with companies and organizations to co-create programs that bring about love for learning, well-being, and collaborative cultures.


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Gerson Abesamis
Posted by Gerson Abesamis
March 23, 2020

Two-way Learning

“When one teaches, two learn.” It is this dialogue, this two-way learning relationship, that also motivates us as teacher-educators. In our numerous Design Thinking workshops for teachers, not only do we teach, but we also learn. The discussions, activities, and worksheets are learning opportunities, not just for the participants, but for ourselves too.

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Jovi Bernabe
Posted by Jovi Bernabe
March 12, 2020

An nCov-enient Truth

With the recent spike in confirmed cases in the Philippines and the slew of school suspensions, we are just now trying to figure out how to deal with COVID-19. Social distancing remains to be the best way to combat the spread of the virus, so suspending school seems to be the sensible option,  but its not the kind of disease that should compromise our learner’s growth and development. So how might we still continue delivering and ensuring that learning happens for our students?

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