Manghahabi Cards

The Manghahabi Cards is our toolkit for design thinking, created with the hope of supporting its users in integrating human-centered design in their contexts. Inspired by the design thinking movement in the United States and Stanford University’s, we curated our favorite activities and mindsets from their open-source materials and adapted it specifically for use in developing countries.

The Manghahabi Cards are available for pre-order here.

The cards started as a module and a set of worksheets developed through a grant awarded by the Universities and Councils Network on Innovation for Inclusive Development in Southeast Asia. The module was developed to become a toolkit for teachers so that they could support their students in becoming creative designers and creative problem solvers. At the same time, teachers themselves could use it to solve problems in their own schools.

As the demand for design thinking workshops grew, we developed the toolkit as an internal resource that would support our growing team of facilitators in designing better design thinking workshops. We built our way forward, starting out with rough sketches and developing higher fidelity versions that include features that would allow the cards to be used in diverse scenarios such as fieldwork, lesson and workshop planning, and guiding students in creative problem solving.

These days, the cards are frequently used by teachers who want to introduce new ways to spark empathy, encourage collaboration, build forward, and improve with feedback in the classroom.


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