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Habi Education Lab is a design and research group that works in various contexts, from early childhood education to adult learning and development. We envision a creative and robust education sector that leverages empathy, learning science, data, and design thinking for continuous improvement and innovation.

What we do



We facilitate design thinking workshops to schools and organizations



We study people, derive insights, and craft evaluation tools



We build prototypes and guide your team through the design process

Recent Projects

Globe Prism Teacher Development Program

Type: Workshop Design and Facilitation / Partner: Globe Telecom

We developed an experiential, project-based, professional development program on digital literacy for teachers for Globe Telecom‘s Education arm. The activities required sustained engagement with digital tools, and they were able to use these tools to create blogs, games, infographics, surveys, informational videos, and pitches for community projects. While accomplishing their tasks, they were also able to improve their soft skills such as time management, communication, empathy, and creativity.

Diwa Innovators Bootcamp

Type: Workshop Design / Partner: Diwa Learning Systems

We crafted activities for the Diwa Innovators Bootcamp, a nationwide workshop series sponsored by publishing company Diwa Learning Systems. The goal is to advocate for integrating Design Thinking mindsets such as empathy, prototyping, and collaboration, into all subjects and grade levels. We worked with Diwa authors and educators in co-designing the activities and preparing their roles as facilitators for these workshops.

Skills to Succeed

Type: Research / Partner: Save the Children

We translated an English assessment tool into Filipino with Save the Children by facilitating workshops in item writing, conducting field interviews and discussions, administering sample tests, and analysing the statistical reliability and validity of the new tool.

Learning Action Cells Toolkit

Type: Materials Design / Partner: BEST + DepEd

The Department of Education has a new nationwide policy for teacher development, called Learning Action Cells. This program empowers all schools to do teacher training that is peer-led and continuous. Together with the Basic Education Sector Transformation program, we investigated challenges, identified key insights, prototyped toolkit components, and tested solutions to end-users to develop delightful and relevant materials for all Filipino public school teachers.

What's New

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Labnotes / a peek into our culture and ideas

Get set! STEMpowered Workshop (part 2 of 3)

Note: STEMpower Our Girls is an experiential scientific literacy program designed for young girls to increase their aptitude and attitude […]

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Ready! STEMpowered Design (part 1 of 3)

STEMpower Our Girls is an experiential scientific literacy program designed for young girls to increase their aptitude and attitude towards […]

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Tahan-tahanan Toys

Tahan-tahanan is a halfway house for indigent young patients with chronic illnesses. They needed our help to think of new programs for the parents and patients, more meaningful than the typical outreach programs they hold. We wanted to dig deeper, and empathize with the parents and patients, to facilitate interactions that served their needs.

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Designing Habi's Design Principles

After a busy year of everything from "one time" design thinking workshops and larger, long-term collaborations, we spent some time last December designing our internal systems for a change.

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