Lab Notes

a peek into our culture and ideas

The Ripple Effect

“Imagine that your problem has been solved,” we prompted, “what do you think will be the positive and/or negative effects on the people closest to the stakeholders you’ve chosen?” After identifying these effects, we asked the participants to think bigger: what will the effects be on the school community? On the neighborhood? On the town?

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The immersion taught the fellows to be open, to take a beginner’s perspective in project development, and to really take into consideration what communities need instead of what we think they need.

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Design Thinking with HANDs Project

We designed and facilitated a 5-day Design Thinking intensive for the HANDs Project Fellows, a project by Japan Foundation that aims to bring together creatives all over Asia to collaborate on disaster education initiatives.

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Harvard Alumni for Education Podcast

How can we leverage design thinking to enhance education quality in resource-starved, developing communities such as those in the Philippines? In this episode, Habi Education Lab Founder Gerson Abesamis talks about how the start-up uses small design thinking workshops and collaborative lesson prototyping in a professional development program for teachers, resulting in innovative learning experiences in classrooms across the Philippines.

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Design Thinking with Museo Pambata

In celebration of National Teachers Month 2016, we partnered with Museo Pambata to hold a free Design Thinking workshop for teachers. Our participants learned the principles of design thinking and how to apply these to their lessons.

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Creative Confidence for Teachers

A workshop on creativity! You could say it was bound to happen. Katty is a social scientist who has ongoing pursuits in music, urban farming and alternative medicine. Gerson champions for the inclusion of design and technology in education. Delphine works countless hours as a professional theatre actor and dancer. The three tapped into their experiences and delivered a workshop on the creative applications of teaching to the faculty of Philippine Science High School — Ilocos Region Campus (Pisay-IRC).

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Tips for Testing Prototypes

Essentially, we’re transforming the participants’ role into co-designers. User testing sessions, prototype showcase, gallery walks, feedback sessions, whatever you call them–are very powerful tools to engage communities and share with them the ownership of a solution.

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Plataporma: From Self-Awareness to Action

“Let’s begin by checking in”, facilitator Meila Romero-Payawal says as she smiles and gently taps on her belly. Around unfamiliar faces and a seemingly strange venue for an educational workshop (a ballet studio), the participants slowly eased into the group, forming a circle. She introduces herself and candidly speaks about her 4-month old baby bump as she checks in. This is a familiar way to begin meetings, workshops and classes, so I’m not surprised that the participants, mostly teachers, comfortably followed suit

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Teacher-made Prototypes

Two-day workshops allow teachers to use the HABI process in solving real problems in their schools, producing ideas and prototypes at the end of the workshop. It makes the learning experience meaningful and productive, giving participants a feeling of achievement.

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A Roadtrip with Kinderhabi

Kinderhabi is the official arm built to take on Habi’s projects in early childhood education and development. In collaboration with MovEd Foundation and the local government unit, the team facilitated a training program for the day care workers selected from the different barangays.

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DIY / Design it Yourself

Our workshop objective started out simple: to give the teachers confidence in making their own materials. Whether to produce posters to decorate classrooms, or to enhance the look of their lecture slides, teachers are always looking for new ways to design their tools and environments to improve their teaching.

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Teachers Teaching Teachers

In most classrooms, teachers are accustomed to assuming the role of the leader. They teach what they know to those who do not. In educational workshops, including Habi’s, they generally adopt the position of the learner, and we the role of the facilitators. This particular Habi Open Lab, however, was an attempt at organic community learning that forced both our participants and ourselves out of the molds that we’re used to.

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Designing for Powerful Learning

The principles of collaboration, democratic communication, and creativity are not new. Common sense should tell you that they form the foundations of progress and problem solving in virtually every context. But in many school settings, these concepts often risk being buried under old habits, top-down management, and red tape.

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