Technology and Culture Checklist for Schools

Thinking about adopting digital technology for your school? Or perhaps you have already been using technology for teaching and learning, and are thinking of ways to upgrade? We created a simple checklist to assess how ready your school might be. The 20 items refer to different aspects of the current culture and practices, answer them to the best of your knowledge.

You can accomplish this test individually, or as a team, at the beginning of a strategy meeting. The results might point you to specific directions or focal areas where you can concentrate your technology transformation efforts.

1.Our school has a clear educational philosophy and vision that are communicated to the faculty, staff, and students
2.Our school leaders hold regular strategic planning sessions, at least once a year
3.Our school has targets, whether quantitative or qualitative, that we monitor and aim for
4.Our school leaders are aware of the government policies about using technology in education
5.Our school has policies in place that champion equity and inclusion
6.Our parent associations are usually consulted when making policies
7.Our students have the proper channels to give input on processes and policies
8.Our school provides continuing professional development programs for faculty and staff
9.Our teachers regularly receive useful feedback about their performance
10.Our teachers and staff from different departments coordinate effectively on projects that require collaboration
11.Our teachers know our students individually—their strengths, challenges, and other individualized information
12.Our teachers generally use other learning strategies aside from lectures and pen-and-paper assessments
13.Our teachers analyse assessment results of the students, using it to improve learning experiences
14.Our students generally use technology in learning activities such as class work, homework, group projects, and others
15.Our school has policies that protect student data and privacy
16.Our school has processes for maintaining our spaces, facilities, and equipment
17.Our school has a functioning computer laboratory in school that can be used by teachers and students
18.Our school has access to reliable wireless internet connection that cover many learning areas (classrooms, library, laboratories, etc)
19.Our school has a dedicated team who can take on educational technology initiatives for the school
20.Our school leaders have allocated a part of our budget for educational technology purchases (e.g. devices, subscriptions, software)

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Gerson Abesamis
Gerson is fascinated with the intersection of design and learning, which led him to start Habi. As our ED, he makes sure our work is aligned with our purpose: well-designed learning experiences to build a creative, informed, socially-just, and healthy society. His current obsessions include systems thinking, organizational design, and parenthood.
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